Stray Kids Headline Final Night at BST Hyde Park

The final night of the much-loved BST Hyde Park series this year will see K-pop sensations Stray Kids thrill fans (affectionately called Stays) flying in from as far as the USA. This falls just days before their major comeback and preparations for their hugely anticipated World Tour, where they’re expected to sell out the largest stadiums in places like Singapore, Australia, Korea, and more within a few hours—sometimes even minutes—of tickets being released.

For those yet to be acquainted, Stray Kids is an eight-member K-pop group formed by JYP Entertainment in 2017 through a survival-type show. They’ve not only enjoyed a meteoric rise to success but have also set new standards in the music and fashion industries. The combination of members Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N, the baby (or Maknae) of the group, has a unique creative alchemy and charm that has captivated millions of fans worldwide. Music and movie mavens such as Taylor Swift, who was seen seriously vibing to their live VMAs performance, and emotive songster Dean Lewis—a major Han stan who even has Instagram notifications on so he never misses a post from this uber-cute, moochi-cheeked, charismatic musical ace—are fans. Not forgetting the likes of Chris Hemsworth, who delighted in teasing fellow Aussies Bang Chan and Felix and the rest of the gang by lifting them up like dumbbells at the recent Met Gala they attended, sharply suited and booted in Tommy Hilfiger attire. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are also longtime fans and met up with the group just a few days ago for the Korean promotions of their fun new movie “Deadpool & Wolverine.” Fashion luminaries such as Donatella Versace and LV’s Nicolas Ghesquière are also on the list of their admirers.

Musically, Stray Kids’ sound is unique—a crazily catchy eclectic mix of high-energy beats, genre-blending styles, and introspective lyrics. Their discography includes hits like “God’s Menu,” which has become emblematic of their creative versatility. Recently, they announced a new album release and will embark on a massive stadium world tour, to global Stays’ delight. Their accolades mount by the month and include the Best K-Pop award for “S-Class” at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards and multiple wins at the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA). The group’s success on the Billboard charts is also notable, with their albums frequently landing on the Billboard 200. Their recent album, “★★★★★ (5-STAR),” topped the Billboard 200, making them the first K-pop artist in history to have all three of their first chart entries debut at No. 1. They also topped five different Billboard charts and re-entered the Billboard’s Artist 100 at No. 1. Along with K-Pop legends BTS (soon to all be reunited after a long mandatory military service hiatus) and BlackPink, they are the only Asian groups to have spent 900 days on the Spotify Daily Top Artists Global Chart.  Other achievements include headlining Lollapalooza Paris, making them the first K-pop act to do so, and this year they continue to headline festivals worldwide.

A major part of their ever-growing appeal is down to their incredibly photogenic visuals and ability to wear pretty much anything and make it look a million bucks. Members such as Hyunjin, dubbed the “Prince of Versace,” have become icons in luxury fashion. As one of fewer than 10 Versace Global Brand Ambassadors, he was chosen for Versace’s Holiday campaign and has been featured in gorgeous bespoke pieces for major events like the VMAs and Paris Fashion Week. His camera-adored face, uniquely elegant, long-limbed and graceful presence with a side of rockstar edginess make him a favourite both on and off the stage.

Ethereally beautiful Felix has also garnered attention for his unique style, often blending androgynous fashion with ease. His Global Brand Ambassador status collaboration with Louis Vuitton showcases his ability to blur the lines between traditional men’s and women’s fashion, emphasising his gender-fluid beauty. At the Met Gala, the group wore custom Tommy Hilfiger outfits, highlighting their influence and appeal in luxury fashion circles.

Each member brings a unique style to the group. ‘Most Handsome Face of the Century’ Lee Know has a knack for styling out even the baggiest of designer hoodies and sweats with ease, as well as looking effortlessly gorgeous in head-to-toe catwalk-fresh fits from Gucci. Group leader Bang Chan has a Stay-delighting way of being able to morph from boyfriend material to Balenciaga sexy-edgy heartthrob in a heartbeat. ‘Dandy Boy’ Seungmin is a lithe-limbed and handsome designer’s dream in Loewe, and maknae I.N might be the baby of the group, but he can certainly rock out in the likes of Alexander McQueen. Their fashion choices at events like Paris Fashion Week continue to set trends and captivate audiences.

The group’s dynamic is enriched by the distinct personalities of each member. Bang Chan, the dedicated musically and performance versatile leader, is known for his vocal, dance, and production skills, plus his sweet, romantic, and caring nature. Often engaging with fans through live broadcasts, he offers insights into their music and personal lives. Dance Leader Lee Know, the second oldest, is rightly famous for his exceptional dance skills, mesmerising stage presence, big ‘boba’ brown eyes, beautiful face, and quick wit. Sometimes wrongly tagged a tsundere type, his members know him to be quirky but incredibly dedicated, supportive, and kind. A cat-daddy, he often shares his love for his three rescue cats Soonie, Doongie, and Dori—a personal touch that fans adore. Changbin, part of 3Racha (Stray Kids’ songwriting and production unit alongside Bang Chan and Han), is a powerhouse lightning-fast rapper celebrated for his charismatic stage presence, humour and affectionate nature towards his bandmates (especially Hyunjin!)—plus his ability to shake his booty like a pro and master the dance moves of just about any K-pop girl group around.

#LoveStay boy and talented painter Hyunjin captivates both fans and fashion houses alike with his striking visuals and fierce all-in stage presence. His charm, warmth, and humble nature make him a fan favourite, further highlighted by his frequent, engaging Instagram live sessions. ‘Sunshine’ Han, a true musical prodigy and versatile artist who excels in rap, singing, songwriting, AND dancing, is adored for his ‘babygirl’ playful personality, ‘Jaist’ (you’ll need to be a Stay to know that one) and being part of ‘Minsung’— a cute bromance with the very handsome Lee Know (you’ll see this all over Instagram).

‘Sunshine’ No. 2, Felix, recognised for his unexpectedly deep voice and androgynous looks, often blurs gender norms in fashion, with his freckles and sunny disposition endearing him to many (23 million and counting on Instagram). Seungmin, known for his vocal prowess, love of baseball, (sometimes brutal) honesty and mischief-making shines puppy-like in fan interactions. And last but not least.. youngest member, I.N, is celebrated for his unique vocal tone and talent, brightest of smiles and boyfriend-material charm.  He’s become quite the fashion icon too with an Instagram full of artfully styled street-vibe outfits shown off in photos taken by his maknae-adoring members.

Looking ahead, Stray Kids are poised for even greater success. With their upcoming album and a highly anticipated stadium world tour, they are set to solidify their status as global superstars. Their innovative approach to music and fashion continues to attract a diverse and growing fanbase. As they push boundaries and explore new creative avenues, Stray Kids are expected to break even more records and achieve new milestones in the music industry.

They truly are a multifaceted phenomenon influencing music, fashion, and culture worldwide. Their blend of talent, style, and authenticity makes them a standout act in the entertainment industry. With a sunshine-bright future ahead, they are set to continue captivating audiences and influence the global music scene.

As Lee Know once said : ‘Stray Kids Everywhere All Around The World’

To snap up the last minute tickets to see Stray Kids this Sunday (14th July) visit:  BST Hyde Park:

They are supported by : NMixx, Kire, Maisie Peters, Alec Benjamin and more..

By Lisa Curtiss


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