Destination Review: Beautiful Saint Lucia

An emerald jewel in the Caribbean

St Lucia has it all – beautiful beaches, lush, spectacular tropical countryside, fascinating history, incredible natural wonders, super cuisine and welcoming people and world-class luxury resorts. Here are some highlights to enjoy:

Majestic Pitons

Image: Lisa Curtiss

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the St. Lucia Pitons are a spectacular sight. They are two huge, imposing and steep volcanic plugs towering almost 3,000 feet above sea level next to the small town of Soufrière. If you stay at the wonderful Jade Mountain luxury resort you’ll enjoy an amazing view of them right from your open front sanctuary suite, or you can explore them by hiking up (if you’re pretty fit!) or sailing around them.

Drive in Volcano

Yes – you read that right. St. Lucia is home to the world’s only drive-in volcano. It’s just a few minutes away from Soufrière and you can literally drive in to the heart of this dormant volcano and then walk within meters of the bubbling and steaming springs with a tour guide. A not to be missed experience when visiting the island – if a little stinky! And do enjoy a dip in the Sulphur Springs mud baths here too – famous for their reputed healing properties.

Botanical Gardens with Diamond Falls & Thermal Springs

Botanical Gardens Image Lisa Curtiss

Near the volcano and Soufrière are the beautiful Botanical Gardens and St Lucia’s famous mud baths. Here you can meander through shady tropical flower-fringed paths and watch rainbow coloured hummingbirds zip by. Enjoy a dip in the thermal springs you’ll arrive at and continue on to view the very pretty Diamond Falls.

Thermal Springs in Botanical Gardens. Photo Lisa Curtiss

Diamond Falls

Image Lisa Curtiss

Rodney Bay

A cruise ship and yachties favourite, Rodney Bay is a vibrant and culture-rich town with unique markets, shopping malls, restaurants, and bars all just 10 minutes away from the Harbor Club hotel. Here you can spend the day marvelling at the wonderful array of souvineers hand crafted by local artisans, sunbathe at beautiful Reduit Beach, enjoy a fantastic waterside lunch at the excellent Coal Pot restaurant, and once the sun goes down, watch the sun set in one of the many bars with great harbourside views.

Image Lisa Curtiss

Image Lisa Curtiss

Sail Away

Image: Lisa Curtiss

St Lucia is a yachting mecca and it’s easy to see why. Being on the water provides some of the most stunning views of the island including the majestic Pitons which tower above you. And you can anchor off here and there for a spot of snorkelling on some pristine local reefs. Many resorts offer daytime or sunset cruises and it’s something we’d highly recommend.

Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island National Landmark is one of St Lucia’s most important historical monuments. A living museum, it’s home to several distinct attractions, military buildings including a fort, and stunning beaches. You can travel here easily from the Harbor Club hotel which is just a 15 minute boat or taxi ride away.

Diving & Snorkelling

Last but certainly not least… St Lucia offers over 22 world-class dive sites and excellent snorkelling spots. There’s incredible biodiversity as well as exciting wreckages to explore.

Image: Eric Seddon, Pexels.

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By Lisa Curtiss

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