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Lumi Therapy leader in cold water therapy and fitness recovery, has just launched its LUMI Robe PRO DUO™ – a 2-in-1 Changing Robe + Towel Poncho insert, designed for outstanding function without sacrificing the look, style, and comfort of a Nordic jacket!

Versatility at its finest, this robe is perfect for changing clothes, strolling along the coast, or simply wrapping yourself in warmth after an invigorating ice bath. With all-over coverage, extra pockets, and waterproof compartments, this robe is the ultimate all-in-one jacket experience.

Our LUMI Robe PRO DUO™ Change Robe truly stands out from the crowd, thanks to its high-performance material. Featuring a waterproof outer layer and an ultra-soft fleece lining, you’ll be enveloped in instant warmth and style.

RRP £175, currently discounted at £135

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