Revitalize Your Home: Spring Cleaning Tips for a Fresh Start

As the winter blues melt away it’s time to freshen up your space and embrace the clean slate of Spring!


Spring is known for its blossoming flowers, new life and of course its annual ritual of Spring cleaning. A clear space equates to a clear mind which is just what you need as we head into the summer months. This is the perfect opportunity to reorganise and declutter your home and here are six tips on just how to do that:


  • Create a Cleaning Schedule

A big tidy can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to deep cleaning or tackling that disorganised wardrobe. Breaking down everything into smaller tasks and setting goals will help manage the overwhelm and give you a sense of ease as you separate tasks into manageable chunks. This could mean confronting one room a day or spreading different tasks throughout the week. Creating a small checklist will also help motivate you and help you feel satisfied when crossing off tasks you have completed.


  • Declutter and Donate

Decluttering your wardrobe is an important aspect of Spring cleaning and can be very sustainable. This is an opportunity to sift through your clothing and get rid of clothes and clutter that no longer serves you, sorting into piles of keep, charity, and discard. This method will help break the task down and add a sense of fulfilment and support for your local charity and shelter. Make sure you refine the “keep” pile at the end and freshen up your wardrobe with a wipe-down!


  • Deep Clean Room by Room

It’s time to put those gloves on and roll your sleeves up! Starting from the top down will help organise your cleaning, beginning with dusting the ceiling and lights to wiping down skirting boards. It doesn’t have to be a mundane task, why not turn the radio on or listen to your favourite podcast? Make sure to reach those hidden places by moving furniture and appliances, if there are places out of reach a feather duster will do just the trick. Microfiber cloths will become your best friend with their use on multiple surfaces. Wash curtains and throw pillow covers to give them that fresh Spring smell and vacuum everything. Ensure you clean windows and mirrors with the right products to avoid streaks.


  • Organise and Streamline:

Storage solutions help keep your house clutter-free and support the organisation of your belongings, in addition to adding some style to your home. There are a variety of options to rejuvenate your house, such as wall cabinets, floating shelving units, and pegboards. If you’d like something more hidden a storage bed will keep your belongings out of eyesight. More practical storage solutions include baskets and drawer organisers helping you maintain a tidy home throughout the year.


  • Freshen up Your Space:

Once you have completed your cleaning and organisation, it’s time for the final finishing touches! Swap out heavy Winter fabrics for lighter and brighter ones in the spirit of Spring. Open windows to welcome the fresh Spring air and add indoor plants to purify the home. Plants that are good for indoor air quality include Peace Lily, a popular plant that not only looks decorative but has been identified as the top air-purifying houseplant. The plant removes harsh chemicals in the home by absorbing toxins which is needed after a deep clean! Aloe vera has many health and beauty benefits but also contributes to purifying common chemicals that are found in household detergents, the plant is a succulent so very low maintenance. Houseplants not only look pretty but also help boost your mood!


  • Outdoor Spaces:

Revitalising your garden and giving it a good tidy is just as important as your home. Spring is the ideal time to prune and trim plants to help them flourish, make sure to turn over the soil and add compost. Take time to weed and remove dead or damaged branches to encourage healthy growth. Give outdoor furniture and structures a clean or fresh coat of paint and if you have a deck or patio a high-pressure spray will help rid of any mould or algae that may have appeared over Winter.


To conclude:

Spring cleaning is more than just a chore, with a bit of time and effort and following these tips, you can transform your living areas into a place of serenity. Nothing is holding you back from being creative and adding personal touches! Spring is the perfect opportunity to reset and embrace a healthy, clean, clutter-free change, transporting your house into a home and a place of oasis.


By Jess Hipgrave

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