All-New Lexus LBX

In a bold departure from its traditional design ethos, Lexus introduces the all-new LBX, an urban-friendly crossover that redefines what it means to bear the Lexus badge. This revolutionary self-charging hybrid electric model, the most compact in the Lexus line up, boasts a unique style that sets it apart from its larger counterparts and aims to captivate a fresh audience of brand enthusiasts.

For those seeking a touch of surprise, the LBX embraces an SUV-inspired “planted” appearance, drawing inspiration from the shape of traditional Japanese kagami-mochi rice cakes. This intriguing blend of heritage aesthetics and contemporary design exemplifies Lexus’s commitment to innovation.

The team behind the LBX embarked on a mission to infuse fresh perspectives into the Lexus Next Chapter design principles, which have guided recent NX, RX, and RZ models. Their objective was clear: to craft a visually appealing vehicle tailored for the younger, urban-savvy European demographic that values premium quality with a more relaxed and modern vibe.

The LBX embodies the essence of a Lexus that effortlessly complements your jeans and sneakers attire, all while preserving the brand’s hallmark luxury craftsmanship and premium quality.

Perhaps the most conspicuous departure from convention is found in the LBX’s front-end design, where a new Lexus “face” is unveiled. The iconic spindle grille, a Lexus signature for over a decade, has been reimagined as a smaller, unified, and frameless unit that seamlessly integrates with the bodywork. With the compact hybrid engine, the front hood’s edge has been lowered, creating a “Resolute Look” reminiscent of Lexus models from the early 2000s. Innovative touches include the integration of daytime running lights and turn indicators into a single unit, featuring the recognizable Lexus “L” motif reversed to indicate the direction of the turn.

Despite its compact size, the LBX projects a commanding presence and a sense of power, consistent with the traditional SUV aesthetic. From the side view, classic elements come into focus: short overhangs for agile performance and prominently flared front and rear fenders. Achieving the muscular surfacing around the rear doors presented a notable challenge, but it remains a crucial aspect of the car’s road presence.

The LBX’s visual appeal is further heightened by its large-diameter tires and wheels, exuding stability thanks to its low center of gravity. This design sends a clear message that the LBX is a car you can confidently drive through city streets, explore country roads, or cruise on the highway.

Surprisingly, the inspiration for the LBX’s powerful proportions came from traditional Japanese kagami-mochi rice cakes, a religious offering during New Year celebrations. These rice cakes comprise two discs, with a smaller one atop a larger one. When viewing the LBX from the rear, this balance of shapes is reflected in the car’s compact cabin positioned above a robust underbody, signaling a low center of gravity and stable handling.

Shifting the license plate to the rear bumper allows for a clean, uncluttered rear door surface that highlights the “LEXUS” name. In keeping with other Lexus SUVs, the LBX features a rear light bar with a distinctive design that extends beyond the rear door, emphasising the car’s width and grounded appearance.

The design isn’t just about aesthetics; meticulous attention to detail has been paid throughout to optimize aerodynamic performance, enhancing stability and fuel efficiency. The roof, gate-type spoiler, and rear combination lights have been shaped to streamline airflow over and around the car. Flush belt-line moldings and fins on the lower edge of the side sills contribute to aerodynamic efficiency, alongside precise styling of the front bumper corners and rear bumper sides.

To showcase the LBX’s distinctive lines, Lexus offers a range of exterior paint finishes, including vibrant shades of red, yellow, and blue, as well as the option of a striking bi-tone style with a contrasting black roof and pillars.

Pre-sales for the LBX are now open to UK customers, with formal orders commencing in October. The first deliveries are expected in March 2024. For more information,


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