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Caroline Anderson – Artist and Creative Arts Psycotherapist

When Caroline was seventeen, she had the opportunity to study painting and history of art in Paris. Upon her return to England, after some further the study of fine art, she lived in Sark Channel Islands where she drove a horse and carriage and pursued painting. Her work thrilled the Dame of Sark who was generous enough to allow her to paint in her grounds and supported her through commissions for herself and to some of her acquaintances.

Caroline now lives in Kent  where she now hasa permanent gallery and studio. She also offers art classes and takes commissions –  ‘Point -to Paint’. The interest in sea – sky reflections, has remained the core to her many paintings. It was Jung who stated ‘what is above, is below’, which in turn has roots in Buddhist philosophy, something that is reflected in a lot of her works.

Her interest in the relationship between art and psychology has developed over time and several degrees later, she qualified as a Creative Arts Psychotherapist specialising in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. For the last twenty-eight years, her professional time has been divided between practising as a therapist and painting. The current themes are concerned with the connection between the Buddhist belief ‘cycle of life’, separation / birth, Isolation/death, Connection/rebirth and the psychological impact for a person removed from their roots and settlement apart from birth culture.  As a practising Buddhist,  to retreat in the peace and solitude of snowy mountains has very much been a part of her life and something about the stillness which she’s always keen to capture.

Caroline Anderson’s latest body of work beckons viewers into a world where nature becomes more than mere subject matter; it transforms into a vessel for a transcendent spirit that defies the mundane and the prosaic. At first glance, one might categorize Anderson’s pieces as figurative nature paintings, but a deeper exploration reveals a profound synthesis of meticulous observation, artistic intelligence, and a touch of the abstract


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