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Co-Living with FOLK @Florence Dock

The Newest Property in Battersea Delivers, Again…..


Modern Life can be rubbish.  Even at the best of times, in London at least for a renter, it can seem a breathless chore that involves crass locations and unbelievably compromised actual spaces to live in that seem inversely proportional to the ludicrous prices you get stuck paying for.  To add insult to injury, the problems don’t end there because most Londoners have issues dealing with their unresponsive landlords or woeful plumbing or fittings and so on.  Enter FOLK.  The people at FOLK saw the need for a firmly private and capable space/flat for the tenant/renter/guest coupled with the obvious benefits of a co-living arrangement.  The emphasis is on making the renter comfortable and taken care of in terms of their needs and wants whilst being given all the opportunity to relax, make friends and connections.  A bit like a dormitory with the full option of privacy and the luxury that a grown person desires and loads of fun.  FOLK have consistently achieved this at their previous two properties – Sunday Mills in South London and The Palm House in Harrow.  Therefore it is no surprise that their third instalment Florence Dock, and in our humble staring-across-the-river opinion the best of them all, is already boasting 90% occupancy although that does include temporary visitors like me who just wanted to gasp at the remarkableness of the concept.

So whether you seen accommodation for a year or just a few days (11 rooms for the latter), FOLK have you covered at Florence Dock.  Everything about the place makes sense.  It is ideally located just a walk way from one of the biggest railway stations in the country (Clapham Junction) and stares at Chelsea from the Battersea Coast (just a few footsteps away)offering some wonderfully panoramic views of London.  The common spaces include a cinema, co-working space, a fully-fitted gym, a cute little library called Snug and even a spinning studio.

A weekly schedule insures you don’t miss out on anything being organised by your jolly community or management and your days can be thoroughly enjoy learning and indulging in new crafts and hobbies, networking or making new friends.  And for night owls, thinkers and insomniacs, there are some pretty immaculate wines down in the bar area within the lobby so if you’d like the occasional tipple, there’s no  need to run to the Off License. It all makes sense at FOLK folks!

Folk’s Florence Dock has 270 beautifully designed private studios and thoughtfully designed shared spaces for residents to come together and cook, enjoy social events, work-out and relax.

Stays will be bookable from one night to 89 nights, and will start from £90 per night.

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