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Immunity Boosting Products for Optimum Health

Spring might be right around the corner, but pesky flu, colds and even Covid bugs are still around.   It’s never too late to boost your immunity and these products are all worth consideration.

Sambucol Immuno Forte Liquid

Containing Vitamin C & Zinc, which may help strengthen the immune system and fight cold and flu, this rather tasty Sambucol Immuno Forte Liquid contains flavonoids with added Vitamin C & Zinc which may help strengthen the immune system and fight cold and flu.

Sambucol black elderberries provide a natural mode of action called AntiVirin, which protects healthy cells and supports the immune system. Sambucol Immuno Forte is suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans and is Gluten-Free.

Sambucol offers a range of excellent products to boost your immunity for adults and children – from liquids to tasty and effective gummies.  Vist the website for more information and to buy.


This pioneering and multi-award-winning brand is a firm KCR team favourite for its highly palatable, ‘lipo-shield’ protected, super-absorbable liposomal vitamins and other nutrients. Such a great way to enjoy a daily health boost without having to swallow capsules and horrid tasting tablets. The range keeps growing and now includes everything from Collagen Zooki to Gut Biome Zooki, as well as staples like Vitamin C and Vitamin D Zooki.

Do opt for the Your Zooki Bundles. There’s a good choice, from those for Immunity, with Vitamin C, Glutathione and Vitamin D ( Immunity + £100.77) to Beauty Bundles which include Collagen Zooki, Hair Zooki and Vitamin C (Beauty + £89.75).

Once you start using this clever and delicious way to take your daily vitamins and nutrients, you’ll never want to go back to capsules and tablets again. In fact, the brand say through this clever approach, they’ve replaced over 40 million capsules! You can take out subscriptions and have the products delivered regularly too. For further information visit Your Zooki


Bodyism is a methodology that links the heart, mind, body and soul, which is guided by four core pillars: mindset, nutrition, movement and sleep. This highly respected brand offers a framework of services focused on exercise, mindfulness and nutrition to equip people with the tools to achieve their optimum fitness level and live happier, healthier lives as the best versions of themselves.

They offer a range of excellent supercharged supplements which form a powerful base to help you reach your weight loss and wellbeing goals. From plant-based protein to reinvigorate your gut to beauty-boosting elixirs to help your skin glow, there’s a Bodyism supplement for everyone.

Beauty Food promotes the repair of damaged skin, boosts your immune system and contains antioxidants that fight the signs of ageing. It’s a daily supplement of super greens and marine collagen peptides reinforced with pea and brown rice-based proteins that’s free of gluten, dairy and soy.

Also try Berry Burn For a powerful pre-training boost, Berry Burn is perfect for invigorating your body and supporting its core functions. It’s a vegan-friendly, gluten, dairy and soy-free superfood mix-up of acai, berries and pea protein that’s packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.

And Body Brilliance – this cacao-flavoured shake is the ultimate protein-meets-fibre hit. Made from super greens, revitalising minerals and energising herbs, Body Brilliance is loaded with antioxidants to boost your metabolism and brighten your glow. It’s free of gluten, soy, dairy and vegan, too. All are £50 each and available through the Bodyism website through the earlier links, their Notting Hill Cafe or Naturisimo.


Amy, Founder of Earths Secret created the brand following her mum’s life long appreciation of natural health products including Ashwagandha, Spirulina and Reishi. After researching a host of supplement complexes to market herself, she struggled to find brands that had their heart in the right place – ones that cared about more than just profit and instead honoured nature, using pure ingredients and adopting a sustainable approach. And so, the idea of Earths Secret was born.

She set out to reveal these powerful ingredients to the world through ethically sourced and grown ingredients, creating unique complexes targeted at everyday health and wellness needs. Now Earths Secret’s patented, award-winning ingredients help people from all walks of life reconnect with Mother Nature’s gifts – no matter how busy they are.

We recommend all products in their range – Calm, Sleep and Thrive, and recommend opting for their Ultimate Bundle which contains all three ( £130). Bought individually each costs £50. To discover more visit their website.


This highly respected brand offers a host of top quality health enhancing products to really help women feel and look their very best. Highlights include their Gold Standard Collagen Powder (£19.99) which combines bioactive collagen peptides to promote healthy hair, skin and nails, and also Hyalacid 300mg Hyaluronic Acid Capsules (£16.99) which deliver intense moisture to the body from within. Also on our list of brand favourites are Wellgard’s Gold Standard Vitaflora Probiotics clinically proven bio cultures complex which work to balance PH levels (£12.74). Visit Wellgard for more information.


Bomimo shakes have been designed to help support women to maintain optimum health at each hormonal stage, from puberty to pregnancy, peri-menopause to post-menopause, helping them to achieve a better balance, so that they can feel leaner, stronger, happier, energised, more vital, and ultimately sexier, every day. Each of their delicious shakes has been scientifically formulated to contribute towards achieving hormonal equilibrium, alongside providing a combination of essential vitamins and minerals, plant-based proteins and super foods, botanicals and herbs, and ingredients to support weight management.

The MenoShake (£34.99) is an “all in one” formula. This tasty chocolate flavoured plant-protein, multivitamin and herbal shake has been designed to support female wellness before and during menopause.


Many of us don’t realise the enormous health benefits Vitamin C has. In high doses it is one of the best, most broad-spectrum antibiotics known to man. It is also an incredibly powerful antioxidant that is absolutely essential for the synthesis of collagen and certain neurotransmitters. The list of benefits of vitamin C goes on and on. High-dose vitamin C has been used to treat everything from anthrax poisoning to malaria to polio.

Altrient’s founders went to huge lengths to fully understand its value and how to solve the age old dilemma of people suffering from tummy issues when taking Vitamin C in any higher strength. And, after working with top scientists and refining Liposomal Encapsulation Technology (LET) production methods, discovered liposomal Vitamin C was the way and Altrient was born.

Their excellent Liposomal Altrient C (£40), unlike tablet form Vitamin C, quickly reaches your blood stream and cells where it is needed most. Altrient’s scientifically proven liposomal form of transportation encapsulates the nutrient in a microscopic phospholipid bubble that carries it within minutes directly to the cells, protecting it from the destructive elements of the digestive system. Altrient C is the most effective option for ensuring your body has adequate vitamin C levels. The sachet’s taste great too – making getting your daily Vitamin C a pleasure not a nauseating nuisance. Discover more and buy from Altrient.


Many of us lack B vitamins and don’t realise how valuable they are in helping us deal with stress and anxiety – plus a host of other issues. B12 tablets can taste pretty horrid, but a more palatable solution is the natural grape flavour Trace Minerals ionic B12 drops. These contain1000 mcg of Vitamin B12 per serving, plus a full spectrum of naturally-occurring ionic trace minerals in an ionic form. Vitamin B12 plays a crucial role in multiple metabolic functions, including enzyme production, DNA synthesis, hormone balance, and healthy nerve and cardiovascular function. £11.95


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