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Drink Pink with Barbie

And eat too, of course – even Barbie needs her protein and carbs, right?

How are you planning to watch the biggest movie of 2023? Hopefully with a refreshing beverage and some suitably #Barbiecore snacks – which we’ve pulled together here.

From left to right:

  • A Finnish gin made with 100% rye, fresh red berries and rhubarb, award-winning Kyrö Pink Gin is smooth sweetness in a bottle. Available to buy on the Kyrö Distillery website (RRP £29.95)
  • A fizz that sparkles like Barbie herself: Belaire Gold, Belaire Luxe, Belaire Luxe Rose and Belaire Rose all combine quality grapes with small-scale, family-operated production at a Burgundy winery established in1898.
  • A night off from socialising? Never. But a night off from alcohol – absolutely. Barbie would approve wholeheartedly – especially with this this innovative range of alcohol-free instant spritz mixes from Citizen Spritz, which are carefully crafted and complex, but simple-to-serve. The Pink Grapefruit version is our favourite – sharp, punchy and thirst-quenching.
  • On the subject of grapefruits … you’d never know it from her youthful looks, but Barbie has done a few laps of the block and well remembers the 1980s, when eating regimes like The Grapefruit Diet reigned. She’s had a fondness for the fruit ever since, especially now that she knows that it’s rich in skin radiance-enhancing beta carotene, as well Vitamin C to zap the occasional blemish – what more could you want from a refreshing morning juice? (£15.90 for six cartons from Eager.)
  • The Cosmopolitan – and, for that matter, Barbie – were both cultural icons long before Bradshaw and friends jumped on the pink bandwagon. Served in a recyclable pouch, this product from Soho Street Cocktails means that you can just shake, pour and serve – all without foraging for ingredients or having to flirt with a bartender. (RRP£28.99 for 1.5 litres)
  • La vie en rose is sweet but it can always be sweeter – which is where this Barbie Movie Sweet Hamper from the Sweet Hamper Company comes in. Containing products such as love heart candy sticks, candy floss and Haribo Chamallows, it’s got your sweet tooth covered – just don’t tell your dentist that we said so. (RRP£38.50)
  • Sobriety is having a seriously stylish moment. This non-alcoholic ‘gin’ from CleanCo (£16) comes in a beautifully designed bottle and offers all the crisp botanicals you want from a gin, with none of the ABV – and absolutely zero sugar.
  • Who says girls can’t drink from cans? Of course we can can – especially when the can is this pretty and its contents are this summery and delicious. Strongbow’s Rosé Cider (£5.60 for 4 cans) is fresh, lightly sparkling and made with apples so rosy that Snow White would run a mile at the sight of them – which leaves even more for Barbie and the rest of us.
  • Chocolate is never off-limits, especially when it contains your (100% natural) hair colour in its name. Thanks to its high pistachio content, this bar from Melt (£9.49) is packed full of the same antioxidants you’d find in a bag of kale, plus Vitamin E, monosaturated fatty acids and potassium.
  • Yes, it’s from Japan but, around 50 years ago, sushi had a huge impact on the food scene in LA, which is Barbie’s natural habitat. Thanks to the Danish/ Japanese fusion that is Sticks’n’Sushi, we’re not deprived of the delicacy – nor of its freshness, healthiness and, of course, pinkness – here in London, with no fewer than eleven restaurant sites in the capital.
  • For the vodka-drinking Barbie, Rozél has recently launched one of the UK’s first rosé vodkas (£23), inspired by the delicate fruity flavours of a Provence rosé wine. With flavours of raspberry, white peach and pink grapefruit, Rozél’s lush pink colour and delicate, fruity notes make it a perfectly delicious and lighter alternative to rosé wine.
  • Gut-healing properties abound in Remedy Kombucha Raspberry Lemonade (RRP £1.99 for 250 ml). As the UK’s No1 kombucha brand, Remedy’s drinks are all completely free from sugar and artificial sweeteners, as well as being full of functional benefits such as live cultures, antioxidants and organic acids. Barbie is, undoubtedly, a fan.

Sarah Rodrigues & Maria Adam

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