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Achieve your hair goals with Hair Saviour from Dr. Vegan

What is Dr. Vegan? 

Dr. Vegan is the world’s fastest growing ethical nutrition and supplement brand. At Dr. Vegan they passionately believe in creating the most efficacious naturally sourced and plant-based supplements to 

meet your health goals. There is no place for animal ingredients or additives in any supplements. All supplements are delivered in plastic-free and home compostable pouches, meaning that supplements are not only better for you, they’re also better for the planet.

You don’t need to be vegan to choose these supplements. While Dr. Vegan believe that you can gain all the nutrients you need in your diet through plant foods, they respect everyone’s freedom of choice. 90% of their customers are not vegan and choose this brand because Dr. Vegan supplements are better for them and the planet. 

Bettering ourselves and the planet 

Dr.Vegan care about your health, whatever your diet. Everyone deserves to support their own health without compromising the planet. These supplements are formulated to protect both simultaneously.

Made in the UK and led by science, these unique formulas are created by expert nutritionists with clinically studied plant-based ingredients that work. The most bio-available, effective ingredients are used at optimal levels to make a real difference to people’s lives. The formulas contain zero nasty additives, zero animal ingredients and zero bulking or anti-caking agents.

Hair Saviour

Hair Saviour is a unique formula of clinically proven ingredients to fuel healthy hair growth and strong, smooth, lustrous hair. Driven by science and developed by experts, Hair Saviour is a nutrient-rich formula to combat hair thinning, and dull, dry and brittle hair, fuelling naturally strong, healthy hair. Combining 14 ingredients including MSM, AnaGain™, Saw Palmetto, Silica, Alfalfa, Zinc and Biotin, Hair Saviour is a unique formula for women and men to fuel healthy hair growth and stronger, thicker hair, and prevent nutrient deficiencies.

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