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With Valentines Day 2023 behind us you might think its too early to talk about diamonds already but We Love Diamonds is a groundbreaking concept which promises to keep the love shining through the year and beyond.

New luxury online diamond jewellery retailer We Love Diamonds is causing a stir in the industry, having launched an exclusive range of stunning, natural diamond jewellery at trade prices.

We Love Diamonds set themselves apart from traditional high-street and online diamond jewellery retailers by shunning the usual hefty industry mark-ups in favour of a high-quality range at affordable prices – providing customers with below-market value, trade prices, and a commitment to only using ethically sourced GIA graded, natural diamonds.

While flowers and chocolates might seem the obvious choice to express appreciation for your beloved, research has shown that jewellery ranked as the third preferred option for 14 February in 2020* – with consumers splurging over $5.8 billion in sparkling gifts**.

We Love Diamonds is already challenging industry norms and prides itself in saying a firm no to plated jewellery, lab-made diamonds, and Russian diamonds – all of which they have publicly spoken out about in their popular and straight-talking blog.

The brainchild of serial entrepreneur Dylan Pemberton, an expert in scaling global businesses, and business partner Nigel Short, a globally respected master jeweller and artisan diamond jewellery designer with over 30 years’ experience and heavyweight contacts at the very top of the industry; the pairing (who share a lifelong friendship) have joined forces with the aim of challenging the status quo of the traditional high-street and online diamond jewellery retailers and excessive profiteering, in favour of providing fair, trade pricing, with the focus instead being on repeat business and customer loyalty.

Don’t miss our insightful detailed interview with head Dylan Pemberton in the Spring 2023 print edition. Here are some excerpts:

What gave you the idea for We Love Diamonds? How do you manage to undercut the vast number of competitors?

The vast number of competitors was actually one of the main drivers for us – we saw what they’re all doing right and wrong. We know how this industry really works and we had gotten fed-up with seeing the outright exploitation of consumers. It’s not just the hugely inflated and unfair mark-ups of 300% to 1000% most retailers work to that vexes us, it’s all the little things too like brands using CGI renders of jewellery instead of showing their actual goods or making you wait weeks to get your jewellery. We don’t see offering artificial lab-made, fake diamonds or using plated jewellery as being any kind of genuine value either. With our enormous experience, expertise and vision we just felt we could do things much better and, in doing so, bridge the gap for customers between luxury diamond jewellery and affordability. We’re competitive because we are a lean and agile businesses and, ultimately, we’re just not greedy. We don’t add big mark-ups because we’re entirely focussed on repeat business and building relationships with our customers. That means we have to work a lot harder and better. But that’s how it should be.

Valentines has just passed us by – why should Kensington and Chelsea Review readers look into We Love Diamonds?

If you’re wanting to gift the most precious of all precious gems to a loved one then we don’t want to limit things to a single day! However, the special offers on our Valentine’s Day Collection on our webstore run until the end of March plus we’ve also created a special offer for all Kensington and Chelsea Review readers that gives them an extra 5% discount at checkout on all items by using the exclusive voucher code of KENSINGTONCHELSEA23.

In terms of compelling reasons to look into We Love Diamonds then it’s because we offer the best diamond jewellery on the best terms anywhere. We sell luxury, natural diamond jewellery at trade prices with free delivery, a raft of added-value built-in and multiple interest-free, pay-later options should you ever need them. All our diamonds are GIA graded, we only use solid, UK Hallmarked precious metals and all our incredible diamond jewellery is ethical and provided with a full warranty, a best-price guarantee, free valuation certificates and much more. We think there’s something to suit everyone in our collection and it’s all beautiful and perfectly priced!

Any recommendations from the CEO of We Love Diamonds as far as buying diamonds – especially for young/inexperienced buyers?

We appreciate that one of the reasons people still use the high-street is often just the tactile nature of being able to physically see and touch what you’re looking to buy. We have put a lot of time and effort into making things easier for customers shopping online by only using real photographs of our jewellery, making our returns process fair and simple and creating a lot of honest content to help them. We’ve got a blog packed with thought leadership, top-tips and best practice, we offer free downloadable guides (including a guide to buying diamond jewellery) and there’s a superfluity of other great resources on our website from sizing guides to what diamonds even really are.

I think the best recommendation I can personally give is that if you’re buying diamond jewellery online then pick someone who, like us, only sell natural diamond jewellery, who are a member of the NAJ, who is five-star rated on Trustpilot and who offer all the same value-adds and guarantees. Obviously, they have to have the beautiful products you desire but just make sure they’re being sold at a fair value. If you’ve got any questions or concerns then always ask. Real is indeed rare so don’t ever compromise when you can enjoy luxury, natural diamond jewellery from a provider who doesn’t take you for granted. Without you, they’re just diamonds…



Valentine’s Day Collection:


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