A journey of self-discovery with GA Chelsea London

GA Chelsea London

GA Chelsea is one of several GA salons located around the city, this one being just around the corner from Sloane Square. I visited the salon on an extremely stormy day, walking in with my hair certainly more than casually windswept. It was a combination of tangled and wet from the rain, as well as dry in texture with split ends. 

Upon entry I was offered a drink, the menu ranging from soft drinks, a selection of teas and coffees, a variety of cocktails, and champagne Moet. With the menu being accessible via a QR code it was very simple to place an order. While waiting for my appointment, I had a look around. Here, beauty truly extends beyond the obvious physical offering and encompasses every small detail. My cappuccino was a piece of art in itself, being presented on a small tray, with sweet oat biscuits and a delicately styled foam hat. 

The cosy interior of the salon lends itself only to the best products and healthiest treatments. The entrance is decorated with a display of GA’s 20 signature blends of 100% natural and organic herbs, roots and flowers. Here, they believe that the healthiest way to treat and colour hair is without chemicals and their philosophy is based around a deeper understanding of natural, curative products.  The blends are crafted and mixed around the individual for a bespoke service for every client. 

My treatment started with a lovely hair wash and head massage. The seating station for the hair wash was a luxurious soft padded lounging chair with a reclining backrest. Every detail was being looked after, from the temperature of the water, the pressure of my head massage, to the music in the room. Following the wash, my hairdresser proposed a treatment for my hair that would address the problems of my dry hair, as well as enhance the shine of the pigments that I already naturally have, without causing the damage that regular hair colouring processes might cause. 

As was explained to me by my consultant, when using chemicals over a long period of time, hair weakens and you become a slave to the maintenance that follows. GA strives to help clients understand their unique beauty, without the need to use chemicals, using methods that can create beautiful, luxurious hair that grows healthier over time. By embracing natural beauty that comes from simplicity and authenticity, GA helps their clients to embrace their own unique natural beauty and understand that there is meaning in beauty without the need to compromise on prioritising the overall health of the hair. 

My trim catered to all of my requests, which I struggled to put into words, describing ideas using brocken sentences and without actually providing anything helpful to my stylist. I felt as though he’d read my mind, as I had also come very unprepared, without any pictures or ideas to visually show what I want. I’m quite honestly still not sure how he understood what I was asking for. Looking in the mirror then, I already felt that I was becoming more confident in the features of my hair that I naturally have, rather than feeling the need to think about the huge range of products that will keep my hair looking a certain way. 

While I sat there with the natural pigments soaking into my hair, I had my nails done. My nail technician was extremely skilled, and also advised me on treatments that would naturally enhance my brittle and short nails. The way that she worked alongside the hair stylist was absolutely amazing. She knew exactly when I would need to go to wash my hair and when I would be back in the chair again and scheduled the nail treatments around that. I asked her to do a French, which has always been problematic with my short nails, and she did the most wonderful job without making an issue of the nail length at all. In fact, she showed me, that even with short nails, I can still have the French that I like so much. 

Once my hair had received it’s final wash and dry, it got styled in the most beautiful way, with minimum heat products and mostly just with the use of a hairbrush. It was extremely inspiring to watch the person in the mirror turn into someone so confident with their new, naturally silky and beautiful hair. 

By simply enhancing my natural beauty, I was given a huge boost of confidence on the inside, and that was such an important takeaway. GA is the perfect place to start your journey of self-discovery and celebration of your own natural beauty. I would encourage everyone to give this roller-coaster a go. 


GA Chelsea London
3 Bray Pl


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