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Celebrating B Corp Month with Bruichladdich Distillery Company and the Gladwin Brothers at the Sussex Bar & Restaurant

In March every year, B Lab and the global B Corp community join together to celebrate B Corp month. During this month companies join forces to build awareness of the movement and educate diverse audiences on the importance of transforming our economic system for the better. This is also a chance to build meaning and understanding of the B Corp Certification, putting companies who are environmentally and socially responsible in the spotlight and showing that business can be used as a force of good. 

Certified B Corp Bruichladdich Distillery Company – maker of The Botanist Gin and Bruichladdich Whiskies, has collaborated with Gladwin Brothers restaurants – a group famed for its farm-to-fork ethos – to offer an exclusive seasonal and sustainable menu. A perfect partnership between brands committed to putting sustainability at the forefront of their work. At the Sussex Bar & Restaurant in Soho you can try limited-edition Bruichladdich Distillery Company cocktails, alongside a menu of seasonal British produce made with The Botanist Gin and Bruchladdich’s Classic Laddie. 

The dining room aesthetic is intimate and elegant, its accents are signature to the beloved country-style panache. The bar is beautifully atmospheric with a vast range of seasonal cocktails on offer and the wine is a focus at Sussex, with a dynamic list which wine enthused guests have come to appreciate. A particular favourite of mine is the Green Fingered Gardener, bringing a refreshing combination of gooseberry infused The Botanist Gin, St German Elderflower liqueur, and frozen gooseberries topped with a nutty vantage.

This venue is an elegant expression of the Local & Wild concept. With a brasserie-style menu, Sussex serves signature dishes from wild game wellingtons to squirrel tortellini. There is a variety of different menus to choose from, including London’s loved pre-Theatre set Wellington menu, a sample A la Carte dining ménu, and a special Desert Menu. The restaurant offers the chance to host private company meals, wine evenings, and masterclasses.

Guests can also make reservations for the Chef’s Table experience, a tasting menu set in the Sussex kitchen, tucked away underneath the main restaurant. The tasting menu showcases the best of British produce, including wild game, foraged vegetables, and herbs, each cooked with creativity and flair, following a zero-waste philosophy. This is a truly unforgettable opportunity to watch closeup as the chefs prepare a delicious meal for you and your guests. 

Chef Director, Oliver Gladwin creates seasonal menus that demonstrate his flair for inspired and creative cooking. Following the philosophy of “what grows together, goes together,” Oliver’s food is a celebration of local and wild British ingredients. Through his menus, his passion for treating animals with care and the use of environmentally conscious farming comes through. For instance, the Hand-dived scollop roasted in wild garlic butter uses the whole part of the scollop, which is more sustainable. 

Sussex is a tribute to the Gladwin brothers’ country roots and a culmination of a decade of passionate farm to fork cookery. They offer internships for chefs and are clearly passionate about what they do, striving to share their British-loved cooking with the world. 

Sussex Bar & Restaurant
63-64 Frith St


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