Elemental herbology at the Four Seasons, Park Lane

Overlooking Hyde Park and the neighbouring London bustle is the Four Seasons Park Lane Spa. Located on a one-of-a-kind rooftop sanctuary featuring nine treatment rooms, 2 saunas and a swimming pool, it offers the ultimate space for a luxury spa experience.

Taking influences from Chinese methodologies, one of the newest treatments on offer is the Five Element Aromatherapy Massage. This treatment is based on elemental herbology and is used to establish what your dominant element is, and what products are essences could benefit your needs. Luxurious, indulgent and entirely personalised, this tailor-made, therapeutic full body massage unites effective, targeted massage with soothing and nourishing essential oils to ensure the very best results for each individual’s needs.

It starts with a consideration of all 5 elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

Aligned to spring, the wood character is drawn to new starts, growth and possibilities. They are determined, seek out challenges and do well under pressure, but when out of balance, they can become stressed, frustrated and can suffer from headaches and tight, aching muscles. 

Aligned to early summer, the fire character is energetic, charismatic, sociable and approaches life with an infectious enthusiasm. They make great leaders because of their ability to “fire up” other people, but exert a lot of energy, leading to them feeling drained and tired. When out of balance, they can become irritable and impatient. 

Aligned to late summer, the earth character is nurturing, grounded and enjoys nourishing others. They are known for their reliability and harmonious energy, but when out of balance, they can often worry unnecessarily and can feel emotionally depleted, due to giving too much. 

Aligned to the autumn, the metal character is self-disciplined, organised and methodical. Perfectionist in everything, they are detail-oriented and good problem solvers. When out of balance, they can feel sluggish and bloated and can hold onto feelings of sadness and hurt, which can make them socially distant. 

The last character is aligned to winter and is water. The water character goes with the flow, but with a strong will to get things done. They are knows for their determination and are often described as self-suffucient and quietly philosophical. They seek out solitude and tranquility but when out of balance can become fearful and indecisive, which can sometimes lead to insomnia. 

Each message is tailor made for the client, with skincare and bodycare recommendations based on your specific physical and mental health wellbeing needs. The ultimate aim is to regain balance and walk away feeling rejuvenated, which I most certainly did!

Can you see yourself in any of these characters? Find your element at the Four Seasons in Park Lane. 

GA Chelsea London
3 Bray Pl


Treatment cost: £255

Treatment duration: 90mins

Book online or via phone: 020 7499 0888

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