Spiritual Connection: Amy Fleckney, author of ‘When Worlds Collide,’ to appear on Made in Chelsea

Amy Fleckney, author of US best selling book, When Worlds Collide, is highly regarded throughout the UK for her gift of mediumship, as well as her ability to promote healing through her connection of spirits.

Through patience and understanding, her work involves listening to others’ pain and loss, and helping them to overcome this by bringing departed loved ones back from the spirit world to their friends and family, who miss them so dearly.

Of her extraordinary powers, Amy states simply: “It’s only my job, but it’s a part of who I am.”

Viewers of the Channel 4 smash hit TV show Made In Chelsea will soon be able to see Amy in action, helping the cast heal with their past.

In the meantime, you can buy a copy of ‘When Worlds Collide‘, which describes the turbulent journey of a determined single mum who defied all the odds. After leaving an abusive relationship, and on the brink of becoming homeless, Amy found refuge in a caravan where she raised her young children.

Determined to create a better future she began to build her business, but found herself fighting a controversial battle after inadvertently getting tangled in a web of love and lies.

It’s a real, brutally honest and heartfelt story, which lets you into an unspoken world all too often hidden in shadows and shame. It not only shines a light on the twists and turns of unconditional love, but it also gives hope to women that they, too, can turn their life around.


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